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Television News from the New York Times

Review: ‘The Choice 2016’ Lets the Chips Fall Where They May on Clinton and Trump – This PBS documentary gives the candidates equal time while managing to avoid the journalistic pitfall sometimes labeled “false equivalency.”
The Other 13 Women Testifying Against Cosby ... if the Court Lets Them – Bill Cosby’s fate may rest on whether a judge in his sexual assault trial lets jurors hear from a group of women with details that prosecutors say echo his accuser’s.
Review: ‘The Exorcist’ Reboots a Battle Against a Demonic Presence – Inspired by the memorably scary 1973 movie, a new Fox series starring Geena Davis, Ben Daniels and Alfonso Herrera enlists two contrasting priests.
Snapshot: Geena Davis Talks About ‘The Exorcist’ and Women Onscreen – Ms. Davis is playing Angela Rance, a Chicago hotel manager, wife and mother, in Fox’s retooling of the 1973 horror classic.
What You Should Watch This Week: ‘Younger’ and ‘Magic Mike XXL’ – From the Watching team, expert TV and movie recommendations for the next few days.
Review: ‘Debate Wars,’ Where Nothing Is Too Frivolous for Argument – This hilarious show, on Seeso, is almost certainly more fun than anything that will come out of the presidential debates.
Sarah Jessica Parker, Leaving Carrie Behind With HBO’s ‘Divorce’ – Ms. Parker makes clear that “Divorce,” her first HBO series since “Sex and the City,” “is not Carrie in the suburbs.”
A Deadpan Hillary Clinton Visits ‘Between Two Ferns’ – The comic Zach Galifianakis asked if she would be excited to be “the first girl president” and whether she would move to Canada if she lost to Donald J. Trump.

Television News from the Seattle PI

The Will & Grace Cast Reunited for a Hillary Clinton Support Video – On Sunday (September 25), Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally shared a heap-load of photos of the cast palling around, 10 years after their hit NBC comedy ended. [...] this isn't your average cast reunion where the stars get together to swap stories, catch up and indulge in nostalgia. The same title also appears on all four actors' social media accounts, along with corresponding character names straight out of I Love Lucy: - Sean Hayes (@SeanHayes) September 26, 2016 The actual reunion happened on Wednesday, according to a tweet by McCormack, but whatever the secret project is that the cast is working on is expected to be revealed very soon. - Debra Messing (@DebraMessing) September 26, 2016 On Monday, Hayes shared a photo of the cast in costume and a trailer on his Facebook page that featured the words "Will & Grace is back" in bold red letters, while Mullaly is heard off-screen chanting Trump's name and exclaiming, "Make America bueno again!"
Gotham Introduces Poison Ivy... Again – While her screentime only made up a small percentage of "Burn the Witch," Maggie Geha's new (and improved?) Ivy Pepper emerged from the polluted Gotham River to replace the tragic teenage incarnation introduced to us by Claire Foley way back in Gotham's pilot. Ivy claimed to have "changed" inside and outside after her monster-zap swan dive into Gotham's sewer system, meaning we're supposed to ignore the fact that last week Ivy was an awkward teenager and this week she's suddenly the sexpot that Batman fans have long known her to be in the comics. Rather than give us an original story for Ivy -- which Gotham already had in motion with her ties to Selina and the Wayne Family Conspiracy -- the series instead chose to wash all that away and plop a classic Poison Ivy character in the middle of this endless hot mess. Sure, telling the story of how an antisocial, plant-loving, weirdo teenager grew into the titillating mommy monster that is synonymous with Poison Ivy would have had its own creepy problems, but to simply give up and comic book a hyper-sexualized Ivy into a plot that neither wanted nor needed her is to strip Poison Ivy of everything but her sexuality.
Dancing with the Stars: A New Competitor Rises in the Shortened Dance Madness Episode – Dancing with the Stars folded itself over tonight, compressing two hours of dancing into one hour because two loudmouths had to yak at each other. By putting two pairs of dancing couples on the floor at the same time! The early stages of Dancing with the Stars are always hectic, cramming in training, yapping and dancing, but this was like watching an episode in 4x fast forward! I never thought I'd say this, but maybe stretching it out to two hours is the right move? I worked up a sweat by the second commercial break! You know what? I could watch the Jive all day. Jana and Gleb so far had gone super sexy, but tonight they were America's sweethearts and their energy had an entirely different feel. [...] while Babyface is awfully smooth on his feet, he's a little too smooth for the Jive, which demands jazz hands and jazz feet. Rick Perry and Emma Slater - Paso Doble, "Tamacun" by Rodrigo Y Gabriela vs. Vanilla Ice (Robert Van Winkle) and Witney Carson - Paso Doble, "Save Tonight" by Zayde Wølf Rick and Emma came out in Latin dress like they raided the Three Amigos prop room, and if you've never seen Rick dressed like that, do your best to find a stream of this episode and check it out. [...] the whole time, Rick had this expression on his face like he was a teenager being forced to dance against his will or he was angry dancing. On the other side of things, Vanilla Ice was complaining about their song not having a beat, and he was right! [...] he and Witney looked like they were magicians off the Vegas strip... maybe more like magicians you get free tickets to when you sit through a time-share pitch. No, not the man who needs ice on his knees, hips, elbows, neck and groin, I mean Vanilla Ice. Honestly, he maybe moved about 10 feet total the entire dance while Cheryl wrapped various body parts around him and twirled. Look, we've already established that the judges didn't get to really comment here and I wi
Underground Mega Buzz: Ernestine Meets a New Foe – Everyone in the crew that attempted escape is now separated -- including Ernestine (Amirah Vann), Rosalee's (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) cunning mom who used to mastermind things from inside the house. Even after she trades her most precious commodity to gain some control, she finds herself locked in a power struggle with another female slave who may be even more cunning than she is.
This Is Us' Sterling K. Brown Once Bit a Supernatural Fan -- And She Liked It – Fans sometimes ask their celebrity idols for weird things -- but have you ever asked one of your favorite stars to bite you? Brown played vampire-hunter-turned-vampire Gordon Walker in the CW series' first season so, naturally, a fan begged him to bite her when he attended one of the show's many fan conventions.
Exclusive Chicago P.D. Sneak Peek: The Latest Case Could Be a PR Disaster – When a young man and his fiancée are carjacked in the district's most dangerous neighborhood, the man is found severely beaten, but the woman is missing. "What we have is a white woman missing in the heart of the black ghetto," Crowley tells the team, noting that the city has seen 12 fatal shootings that week alone.
Blindspot: Family Will Cause Even More Drama for Jane – There she also met her adoptive mother Shepherd (Michelle Hurd), who took in Roman and Jane at a young age after their anti-apartheid parents were killed in South Africa. You'd think this family reunion would be filled with joy, mom's delicious meatloaf and old vacation slideshows, but that's not how Blindspot works at all. "Things are heating up in terms of the stakes, the family dynamic and trying to get Remy back, essentially," Mitchell tells of Sandstorm's attempt to bring back its star agent into the fold. Particularly when a hard ass like Shepherd stands in the way and almost everything Jane is telling them is a lie. It's going to play a huge part moving forward. [...] we'll quickly see the difference in how Roman and Shepherd handle Jane in this week's episode. If there's any doubt that Jane isn't the person we know her to be, then s*** is going to hit the fan. [...] what would happen if Roman found out that Jane was lying to him? "He'll not respond well," Mitchell says with a laugh.
Bull: How Involved Is Dr. Phil with the Show? – On CBS' new drama Bull, the titular character played by Michael Weatherly is allegedly modeled on Dr. Phil McGraw and his professional beginnings as a trial scientist - a.k.a. a person who analyzes juries to see which way they're leaning. (For starters, Dr. Jason Bull doesn't have a Southern accent.) But that's not to say McGraw hasn't had an integral role in the show. [...] learning it firsthand and hearing real stories from him has helped us so much in understanding how the world works.

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