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Television News from the New York Times

‘Fargo’ Season 2, Episode 8: A Man Without a Country – Monday’s episode picks up the subplots that were sidelined last week and strikes a uniquely delirious tone.

Eldar Ryazanov, Russian Film Director Known for His Satire, Dies at 88 – Mr. Ryazanov used the absurdities of everyday life in the Soviet Union and in the post-Gorbachev era to become one of Russia’s most popular directors and screenwriters.

‘The Wiz,’ With Added Street Cred, Heads for TV and Broadway – A new production to be broadcast live on NBC this week before hopping to Broadway will include a tweaked score and of-the-minute dance moves.

ArtsBeat: ‘The Knick’ Recap: A Dazzling Shot, and Other Developments – The real stars of Friday’s night’s episode were Steven Soderbergh and his camera.

The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman on ‘The Walking Dead,’ Glenn’s Story and the Arrival of Negan – The creator of the “Walking Dead” universe discussed controversial plot devices, the future of Alexandria and the coming arrival of Negan.

The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman on ‘The Walking Dead,’ Glenn’s Story and the Arrival of Negan – The creator of the “Walking Dead” universe discussed controversial plot devices, the future of Alexandria and the coming arrival of Negan.

Talk: Steve Carell Does Not Mock the Undeserving – The actor on "The Big Short," playing boneheaded characters and why “The Daily Show” shifted away from snark.

ArtsBeat: ‘The Walking Dead': Who Is Negan? – A primer on the long-awaited “Walking Dead” character who was finally mentioned on Sunday.

Television News from the Seattle PI

Awkward! Bones Stars Are Suing the Show for Millions – Executive producer Kathy Reichs leads the suit which claims that Fox misreported profits from Bonesso they wouldn't have to pay out to Reichs, Deschanel, Boreanaz and others with profit rights in their talent contracts. According to the complaint obtained by THR, Reichs - who wrote the Temperence Brennan novels that inspired the series - is contractually entitled to 5 percent of profits while Deschanel and Boreanaz both negotiated 3 percent. The complaint says that Fox fixed their accounting books by using tricks and strong-arm tactics to avoid having to pay out what was owed.
Gotham Postmortem: Has Jim Gordon Gone Too Far? – Gotham's midseason finale presented our hero Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) with a whole host of life-changing situations! For starters, Gordon's main squeeze Lee Tompkins (Morena Baccarin) begged Jim not to pursue Theo Galavan (James Frain), who was moments away from murdering Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) in a ritualistic killing meant to purge Gotham. Who'll survive the war on Gotham? [...] when Gordon tries to arrest Galavan, Penguin makes a convincing case that he will once again slip the charge and will continue to torment Gordon and Gotham. Convinced, Gordon allows Penguin to take Galavan to a remote location where Penguin beats Galavan silly for killing Penguin's mother. [...] the episode ends with Gordon asking for Lee's hand in marriage and Galavan's body ending up at the laboratory of one Hugo Strange, who will be played by BD Wong. Ben McKenzie: I think he has been agonizing over how to handle Galavan since he escapes from his clutches and was cleared of all charges in Episode 10. When faced with letting him go again or taking extreme action, he gives into Penguin's fairly logical argument, which is: Is part of Jim also thinking of the goon he spared who then went on to kill a fellow cop a couple episodes back? What we're trying to allow the audience to track is that it's not a quick descent into the muck for Jim Gordon. In the past [when Jim has killed], it's either been self-defense or sort of a random act. If it means he has to walk into a saloon and kill all the bad guys point blank without the other guy even pulling his gun, then that's what he has to do. [...] Jim is digging his fingernails into whatever last vestiges of humanity he can kind of hold onto, and Lee is definitely a guiding light for him. Have we seen the last of Galavan or is one of Hugo Strange's experiments bringing people back from the dead? [...] it seems Gordon just can't get away from Penguin. Penguin argues in the middle
Agent Carter Mega Buzz: Peggy's New Boss Is Still a Jerk – After the Douley died, and Thompson took credit for saving the day in the finale, he finds himself promoted to the head of SSR New York this season. [...] while the change of scenery and new SSR hierarchy will shake up the team, one thing remains the same: Crave scoop on your favorite TV shows?
Patton Oswalt Brings His Rants to Mystery Science Theater 3000 – [...] even though we won't start working on contracts until after the Kickstarter ends, it seems pretty safe to say that Patton will be on board with us, on camera AND as a special guest writer too! The original Mystery Science Theater series reviewed B-rate movies by providing their own satirical and snappy commentary. The show began on a Minneapolis public access station before moving to Comedy Central and then ending on Syfy in 1999.
Buffy's Nicholas Brendon Returning to Dr. Phil After Storming Off Set in August – During his original interview in August, he accused host Phil McGraw of going "for the jugular, talking about some of my recent mistakes, with no build up," when trying to discuss his history with substance abuse. In a preview of the upcoming episode, Brendon seems to accept McGraw's intervention, saying that he "[feels] a lot better than I did last time...I think I need more help than I realized."
VIDEO: Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Serenade Miss Piggy on The Muppets – Fresh off a show-stopping rendition of Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" on Lip Synch Battle, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is showing off more musical chops via a duet with Miss Piggy on an upcoming episode of The Muppets. In the episode, Gordon-Levitt coos Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to The Moon" alongside Piggy, swaying with swagger and singing with silky smooth dexterity - even as things go haywire behind them.
PSY Readies First Album Since "Gangnam Style" – PSY said the lyrics to first single "Daddy" were "tailored more to towards reaching the overseas audience than fitting exactly what my Korean fans were expecting from me." According to Asia News, the video for the song was screened at the conference and contains a repeated English line in the chorus "Where'd you get that body from/I got it from my daddy."
The Walking Dead Boss on Glenn's Fake-Out Death: We Weren't Playing With People's Emotions – Sunday's midseason finale of The Walking Dead was perhaps the least bloody season-ender the show has ever done. Even though Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) met an untimely end and Morgan (Lennie James) and Carol (Melissa McBride) had a stand-off in the "all life is precious debate," executive producer Greg Nicotero says that the show purposefully wanted to take a breather after the "epic" events of the first half of the season and before the show introduces one of its most iconic villains, Negan. [...] even though the body count wasn't as high, Nicotero suggests that the table has been set for an exciting second half of the season, particularly as it applies to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) now fully taking the reins at Alexandria. After the controversial fake-out death of Glenn (Steven Yeun) earlier in the season, will the audience continue to follow the show? Read on for Nicotero's take on the big finale moments and why he doesn't think the Glenn story line worked exactly as planned. The first half of the season has been big and epic and sprawling, and I think by ending with the overrun of Alexandria and then leading into the introduction to Negan, we're setting up some of our stakes for the second half of the season. Deanna's death did have some significance for Rick, however, who seems to have finally accepted the Alexandrians as "his people." Given what happened with the Wolf, was Carol proven correct in her belief that you have to kill bad people in this world? If I have to kill somebody in order to allow other people to survive, that's what I have to do. By doing her part and shooting the walkers in the hallway, that was her standing up against the threat that overtook her city. Maggie was her protégé, but Deanna chose to hand the plans for the expansion of Alexandria to Michonne because she knows that Michonne is investing in living and invested in the future. Why was it necessary to play with the audience's emo

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