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Television News from the New York Times

Ellen Albertini Dow, Who Played Rapping Granny in ‘The Wedding Singer,’ Dies at 101 – Ms. Dow found acting success in her 70s, turning to film and television after retiring as a drama and acting teacher in the mid-1980s.

Review: ‘I Am Big Bird’ Tells Carroll Spinney’s Story – This documentary includes anecdotes about Mr. Spinney’s 45-year run as the “Sesame Street” character.

Critic’s Notebook: ‘Labor Games’ Is a Brilliantly Absurd TV Game Show – In TLC’s new quiz show, expectant parents try to win prizes by answering trivia questions while the woman is in labor.

Grace Lee Whitney, Yeoman Janice Rand on ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 85 – After appearing in the first eight episodes of “Star Trek,” she was written out of the series and struggled with addiction to alcohol.

ArtsBeat: ‘Game of Thrones’ Q&A: Keisha Castle-Hughes on the Tao of the Sand Snakes – “It was really nice to play with other women and not have this underlying tone of being at each other’s throats.”

What’s on TV Tuesday – Television highlights.

Review: ‘Frontline’ Looks at Missteps During the Ebola Outbreak – The program traces the outbreak to its origin, thought to be a tree full of bats in Guinea.

Native American Actors Work to Overcome a Long-Documented Bias – Mainstream portrayals of native peoples remain far from accurate, critics say, and reflect a lack of opportunities for performers.

Television News from the Seattle PI

New Girl Sneak Peek: Coach Says Goodbye to Winston and... Regis Philbin?! – On Tuesday's New Girl season finale (9/8c, Fox), Winston (Lamorne Morris) is getting sentimental about Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.) and wants to make his goodbye special. Trips down memory lane, favorite meals -- everything's fair game! How much of a clean break does Coach need?
Exclusive iZombie Sneak Peek: Liv and Lowell Are Heating Up! – On Tuesday's iZombie, Liv (Rose McIver) is surprised to discover eating the brain of a sex and dating expert isn't half as fun as she may have imagined Rather than finding herself full of confidence and clever insight, Liv spirals into a pit of insecurity over her budding relationship with Lowell (Bradley James). Not one to sit around, Liv decides to take her concerns straight to the source. [...] as Lowell points out, while the consumed brain might have come with some unfortunate side effects, they might as well take advantage of Liv's temporary sexpertise.
Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek: Meet Evil Snow and the Charming Huntsman! – On Once Upon a Time's two-hour finale on Sunday (8/7c, ABC), the fabric of the show as we know it will be turned upside-down. Details are sketchy for now, but all we know is this life swap is the best thing to hit Once Upon a Time since The Savior. Watch the sneak peek above to see Evil Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) chew the scenery while her Huntsman (is that eyeliner on Josh Dallas?) backs her up.
Ellen Albertini Dow, the Rapping Granny from The Wedding Singer, Dies at 101 – Ellen Allbertini Dow, a character actress best known as the rapping granny in The Wedding Singer, has died, Deadline reports. The actress scored her first major television role in 1986 on The Twilight Zone and went on to appear on Moonlighting, Murphy Brown, The Golden Girls, The Wonder Years, Star Trek: Albertini Dow is most famous for portraying the feisty grandma of Adam Sandler in the 1998 film The Wedding Singer.
Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black Perfectly Recreate "More Than Words" Music Video – Instead of just covering Extreme's 1990 classic "More Than Words," the duo went one step further and perfectly recreated the band's original black-and-white music video shot for shot. View original Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black Perfectly Recreate "More Than Words" Music Video at
Nashville's Lennon and Maisy Amaze Us with a Performance of "Boom Clap" – Ever since Nashville stars and real-life sisters Lennon, 15, and Maisy Stella, 11, came onto the music scene with their unique covers of hit songs, we've been impressed. [...] color us even more blown away when the two came in and gave us a live, intimate acoustic performance of Charli XCX's "Boom Clap," their version of which has amassed nearly six million views on their YouTube page.
Will Gardner Lives! Find Out About Josh Charles' Return to TV – The Good Wife's Josh Charles is returning to television on Showtime's Masters of Sex. Charles, who was -- spoiler alert! -- killed off in the CBS drama's fifth season, will recur in a season-long arc as Daniel, a self-made businessman working in the scent industry. When Daniel tries to create an aphrodisiac by bottling "the smell of sex," he seeks out Masters (Michael Sheen) and Johnson's (Lizzy Caplan) expertise on desire.
Mega Buzz: Details on That Other Criminal Minds Baby – Not only is Kate (Jennifer Love Hewitt) pregnant, of course, and desperately searching for her kidnapped niece/adopted daughter Meg (Hailey Sole), but as we previously reported, JJ (A.J. Cook) will announce that she's expecting her second child. Clues to JJ's pregnancy will be sprinkled throughout Wednesday's finale (9/8c, CBS), when JJ proves to be just as dogged as Kate to find Meg. Crave scoop on your favorite TV shows?

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