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Television News from the New York Times

On ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ a Franchise Boldly Goes Into the Serial TV Era – The first new “Star Trek” series in more than a decade deals with the demands of long-form storytelling and confronts earthbound production problems.
A Word With: Bobby Moynihan on His New Life After ‘Saturday Night Live’ – Mr. Moynihan, who was an “S.N.L.” cast member for nine seasons, stars in the CBS sitcom “Me, Myself & I,” which explores a man’s life at three ages.
Megyn Kelly Is Ready for Her Morning Closeup – The former Fox News host says her daily NBC morning show, which starts Monday, is one she was “born to do.” Others aren’t so sure.
Jimmy Kimmel Wasn’t the First Host to Get Serious About Politics – When Jimmy Kimmel talked seriously about health care, it was an uncommon moment for him, but other late-night hosts have substituted politics for punch lines.
What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – The hip-hop group N.W.A battles to make a name in “Straight Outta Compton.” And Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy has its premiere on Hulu.
Morgan Freeman Angers Russians Over Video About 2016 Election – A Russian news outlet called the actor an “American propaganda loudspeaker” after he appeared in a video accusing Russia of undermining last year’s election.
Narcos: ‘Narcos’ Season 3: Watched It All? Let’s Talk – From the season’s first episode, the obvious question has been: Could the series lose Pablo Escobar and still be the same show?
Bill Clinton’s Novel With James Patterson to Be Adapted for Showtime – Showtime has acquired the rights to “The President Is Missing,” the novel that the former president and the best-selling author are writing together.

Television News from the Seattle PI

Fox Is Using Twitter to Pimp Its Series, Including an Empire Pre-show – Good news for those of you who can't get off Twitter. You don't have to get off Twitter! Fox is teaming up with Twitter to promote three of its fall shows in pretty interesting ways. The most notable is the introduction of a live Empirepre-show which can be streamed on the Empire Twitter account. The shows will start on Sept. 20 at 7:30/6:30c, a week before Empire returns for Season 4, and run before every episode this season. Cast members and industry experts are expected to stop by to talk about the show. The comedy The Mick will try something new to kick off the partnership when it streams star Kaitlin Olson's five favorite episodes of the series.
American Horror Story: Cult's Latest Victim Speaks Out: "Nothing Is Ever as It Seems" – Grossman: I mean, you're just going to have to let your imagination run wild and wonder what's going on in there. What if I told you? Yeah, I'm going to tell you exactly what's going on with those barrels. No, you're just going to have to keep watching to find out what's going on. And by the way, I have to tell you that there are a lot of things that we don't know. We're like, 'what? What's going to happen?' I think that enhances the performances, that we don't know. It heightens it. It's better when you don't know, you can play a lot of different levels. If you know, I feel like you show the hand a little bit. When you don't know, I feel like it's more excited. So that was fun to not know.
American Horror Story: Cult: Here's Why Harrison Might Actually Be Innocent – [Warning: This post contains spoilers from Episode 3 of American Horror Story: Cult, "Neighbors From Hell."] As it turns out, Meadow (Leslie Grossman) and Harrison (Billy Eichner) are far more sinister than we previously thought. Tuesday night's American Horror Story: Cult dove right into their complicated relationship beyond their chipper demeanor to reveal that they really are the neighbors from hell. The devious duo continued their reign of terror this week by showing up on Ally's (Sarah Paulson) doorstep sporting sombreros to bully her about killing Pedro, allegedly using a Craiglist ad to lure a naked man into her living room and are probably the ones who made Mr. Guinea meet his explosive end in the microwave.
Westworld: Tessa Thompson Reveals Who's in Charge in Season 2 – Try as you might, it's dang near impossible to get any concrete information about Season 2 of Westworld, HBO's big sci-fi western drama that captivated viewers when it premiered in late 2016. Despite that, we managed to at least pry something out of Tessa Thompson, the actress who plays Charlotte Hale on the series, about who will be in control when we return to Westworld. "The one thing that I can say is that it feels like a season where women really rule, where women are king this year," Thompson told TV Guide on the red carpet of the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards. She added, with a smile, "As if they weren't already.
black-ish Takes on Hamilton in a "Powerful" Musical Episode – black-ish has never been one to shy away from the tough subjects and its Season 4 premiere will be no exception. The series will kick off the new season by taking on common misconceptions about Christopher Columbus while also celebrating Juneteenth -- the holiday which commemorates the abolishment of slavery. It all goes down when Dre (Anthony Anderson) decides he wants to get rid of Columbus Day and replace it with Juneteenth. "He feels that we don't have any holidays that celebrate our community," Anderson tells TV Guide. The Hamilton-inspired episode will see the Johnson family going back in time -- "waaaayyyy back" according to Anderson -- and feature the cast performing several musical numbers.
10 Questions The Sinner Finale Needs to Answer – Last week, The Sinner revealed the answer to its first and most important mystery of why Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel) killed Frankie Belmont (Eric Todd). She stabbed Frankie seven times on the beach that day because Frankie played a role in the death of Cora's sister Phoebe (Nadia Alexander), a memory Cora had buried but resurfaced when she heard his band's song and saw him making out with a woman. She was triggered to reenact the moment she tried to get him off of Phoebe while he was trying to resuscitate her after her heart stopped while they were having sex, and she happened to have a knife in her hand at the time.
The Gifted's Greatest Superpower Is Its Family – If the show has one secret power, it's Amy Acker. As a mom/nurse, she doesn't get nearly enough to do in the pilot (will her medical expertise come in handy to the Mutant Underground? Probably!), but Acker owns every second she's on screen, and the pain she feels as her family goes on the run for their lives is palpable. Showrunner Matt Nix has said they'll move Acker beyond the "scared mom" dynamic as the 10-episode first season continues, which is a good thing. Acker is electric on screen, and the depth of her emotion is easily the show's best special effect.
The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Will Answer Frustrating Hanging Questions – The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 is pretty much the definition of working without a net, seeing as it reached the end of the story from the original novel at the end of Season 1. Where do you go from there, when you've relied so heavily on the source material to tell Offred's (Elisabeth Moss) story? According to Emmy Award-winning writer Bruce Miller, the minds behind The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 plan to answer a lot of questions the book left hanging. "The end of the book was really frustrating," Miller told TV Guide on the red carpet of the 69th Annual Emmy Awards. "When I read it, I was really frustrated, so it's nice to kind of answer some of those questions and go on. Lizzie [Moss] was surprised where we went, so that's a good sign.

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