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Television News from the New York Times

The X-Files: ‘The X-Files’ Season 10, Episode 4: Back in the Day – An emotional episode whose two halves don’t exactly line up.

Common Sense: Under Steve Burke, Old-Media NBCUniversal Shows Off Some New Tricks – In conventional media, it’s all about the people, and the head of NBCUniversal has learned to stroke, cajole and get tough — and get results.

Review: ‘Here We Go Again,’ a Tradition of Teenage Moms – A new series on TV One follows two women who became mothers at 16, and their concerns for a daughter in the newest generation.

Post-Super Bowl ‘Late Show’ Draws 21.1 Million Viewers – It was the biggest audience ever for the show and for its host, Stephen Colbert, and it will be hard for him or any other late-night host to hit viewership numbers like that again.

In Movies, Books and TV, a Rabbit Hole of Kennedy Conspiracies – As Presidents’ Day and the premiere of the Hulu series “11.22.63” approach, consider these varied takes on the Kennedy assassination.

Talk: Samantha Bee Likes to Make Things Uncomfortable – The comedian on being the only female late-night talk show host, the male dominion of office temperatures and not protecting her kids’ innocence.

What to Watch Monday – “Waking Ned Devine” is new on Amazon, and George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino battle vampires in “From Dusk Till Dawn” on Syfy.

Downton Abbey: ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 6, Episode 6: Does Lady Mary Have a Heart? – The estate opens its doors to the likes of us. And Carson cannot be satisfied — at least not at home with his new wife.

Television News from the Seattle PI

Recovery Road: Maddie Finally Comes Face to Face with the Dark Side of Addiction – Getting sober has been anything but a walk in the park for Maddie (Jessica Sula) on Recovery Road, but in the Freeform drama's first two episodes she's mostly had to do battle with only her own demons. Wes (Sebastian De Souza) and Craig (David Witts) take Maddie on a 12-step visit to try and save Wes' ex Harper (Aubrey Peeples), who claims she's finally ready to get sober too. When the trio arrives at Harper's drug den Maddie realizes that battling addiction isn't just sharing feelings in group therapy or adhering to a chore chart. Instead of getting a chance to breathe, Maddie finds a grungy room covered in blood with heroin needles littering the floor. The focus of the episode was less about making the content appropriate for a tween audience, but instead making sure it was truly representative of real life. When you're talking about really serious subjects you want to be really delicate with those things and portraying everything correctly, Peeple says. According to the producers, the episode, and the show in general, are attempting to remove the shame associated with asking for help.
The 7 Most Awkward Moments of The Bachelor Episode 6 – Okay, the Leah situation gets so complicated so quickly that I'm not really going to recap it, but in a nutshell, she knows her days are numbered when she isn't picked for an intimate date with Ben. Since Leah can't win on her own merits, she has to resort to sabotaging the frontrunner. [...] after Ben calls in Lauren B. to talk about the unaddressable charges against her, Lauren B. deduces it's Leah, and Leah lies about it, saying she would never do something so nasty. [...] Leah doubles down and goes to see Ben in his (really nice) house and continues to talk trash about Lauren B. It completely backfires, and Ben sends her packing.
Pretty Little Liars: Are Aria and Ezra really over? (VIDEO) – All of Pretty Little Liars fans' favorite ships were wrecked going into Season 6. Lucy Hale tells what about these two makes their attraction undeniable, and why, even if they broke up, "Ezria" will never really be over.
Watch Damon Wayans Jr. Deliver an Epic Smackdown on Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Damon Wayans Jr. guest stars on Brooklyn Nine-Nine this week, as the Nine-Nine hosts detectives from the Nine-Eight, the neighboring precinct. Jake (Andy Samberg) is reunited with his old partner (Wayans), causing Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) to get envious and try to reclaim his BFF status. But the warm embrace of the Nine-Eight doesn't go as well as they'd hoped, and the clip below, in which Charles is introduced to a ritual called Slap Slap Boom, is a perfect example why. Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Tuesdays at 9/8c Other Links From Brooklyn Nine-NineDamon Wayans Jr.Andy SambergJoe Lo Truglio
Producer Rick Rubin Turned Sounds From Star Wars Into an EDM Album – Other Links From Star Wars: The Force AwakensJ.J. AbramsRick Rubin
The Flash's Danielle Panabaker Teases the Introduction of Killer Frost and Velocity 9 – Panabaker: I'm excited for that episode. Things change for Caitlin and she starts to get in the action a little bit more. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. (Full Disclosure: is owned by CBS, one of The CW's parent companies.) Other Links From The FlashDanielle Panabaker
New Girl Mega Buzz: Megan Fox Causes Roommate Drama – Megan Fox begins her five-episode guest-starring arc on New Girl Tuesday as Reagan, a pharmaceutical sales rep who rents Jess' room while Jess is sequestered on jury duty (aka Zooey Deschanel is on maternity leave). In many ways, she's the anti-Jess: confidently sexy, emotionally reserved, and not interested in getting involved in roommate drama with the guys and Cece (Hannah Simone). Schmidt (Max Greenfield) is intimidated by her history with Cece, Nick (Jake Johnson) turns into a babbling lunatic who completely forgets how to act like a person, and Cece suffers from Nick's strange behavior.
Real Housewives of New Jersey Returns With Season 7 and Teresa Giudice – [...] RHONJ will delve into Giudice's new life out of prison, and feature her attempt to repair her relationships with family and friends as her husband Joe Giudice prepares to begin his sentence at the end of March. Teresa will reconnect with her brother Joe and sister-in-law Melissa too, while Jacqueline focuses on helping her autistic son, Nicholas.

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