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Television News from the New York Times

Advertising: For Veterans Day, a TV Special That Will Span 6 Cable Networks – The media giant Scripps Networks Interactive is preparing an hourlong special, centered on the celebration of the Hawaiian homecoming of a wounded serviceman.

Television Review: ‘Brad Meltzer’s Lost History,’ on H2, Looks for Artifacts – “Brad Meltzer’s Lost History,” a new series on H2, asks viewers to help find historical artifacts that have vanished.

Television Review: Frances McDormand Stars in ‘Olive Kitteridge’ on HBO – Frances McDormand is the crabby, caustic title character in the HBO mini-series adaptation of Elizabeth Strout’s novel “Olive Kitteridge.”

‘The View’ to Be Run by ABC News as It Adjusts to Life Without Walters – The move comes as the show has shaken up its roster of hosts and faces strong competition from “The Talk” on CBS.

What’s On TV Thursday – Television highlights.

Susan Sollins, a Creator of PBS’s Art21 Series, Dies at 75 – Ms. Sollins organized art shows for small communities, then produced Art21, a groundbreaking television series focusing on significant contemporary artists.

Television Review: Tyler Ritter and Laurie Metcalf in ‘The McCarthys’ on CBS – “The McCarthys,” a new sitcom om CBS, stars Tyler Ritter as the odd one out in a close Boston family.

What’s On TV Wednesday – Television highlights.

Television News from the Seattle PI

VIDEO: Grey's Anatomy's Jessica Capshaw Picks Her Favorite Calzona Moments – To help us through our grief, turned to Jessica Capshaw to reflect on happier times. Check out the video below to find out Capshaw's favorite Calzona moments of all time - and why filming their wedding episode was an extra special on-set memory for her.
VIDEO: No Bad Boston Accents Allowed on The McCarthys – The CBS sitcom (premiering Thursday at 9:30/8:30c) follows the titular, filter-less Southie family whose youngest son, Ronny (Tyler Ritter), has just come out. The goal is to make people laugh, so there's going to be humor. Check out our video interview for more scoop - and what their Hallmark card saying would be. Related Articles on Fall TV Popularity Contest:
5 Reasons You Should Be Watching A to Z – The NBC rom-com - starring Ben Feldman and Cristin Milioti as opposite-attracts couple Andrew and Zelda, who may or may not break up after eight months, narrator Katey Sagal teases - deserves more love (and eyeballs) than it's currently getting. Far too often are we stuck with cinematic couples with blah to middling chemistry, so can't we give this winning pair a chance for the long haul? I mean, just look at the way he looks at her: When it comes to the Inter-webs, TV shows usually go one of three routes: pretend that it doesn't exist, make their character(s) hopelessly inept/tech-phobic or shoehorn clunky references to appear in the know. (Did you hear about the time Madam Secretary McCord's takedown of the king of Swaziland was trending on Twitter?!) Then there's Selfie, the whole premise of which is built on social media itself. The show has fun trying to rival Tinder with the latest app from Wallflower, the Internet dating site where Andrew works, and hits dating in 2014 right on the nose. If your significant other is cramping your style in real life, you're probably gonna talk to him or her before you resort to living out of your car. A to Z places Andrew and Zelda in comedic situations and has them make some boneheaded decisions (it's still a TV show), but it refrains from going overboard. There's a relatable verisimilitude to the execution of all their issues, whether it be figuring out if you should go on a date you had set before you met your (presumed) OTP or if you should invite your new boyfriend to your surrogate mother's funeral. Genre lines are more blurred than ever, and we're just months removed from Orange Is the New Black and Shameless flip-flopping between drama and comedy at award shows.
Exclusive Brooklyn Nine-Nine Sneak Peek: Is There a Mole in the Squad? – In this exclusive sneak peek from Sunday's new episode (8:30/7:30c, Fox), Capt. Holt (Andre Braugher) informs Jake (Andy Samberg) that the entire squad is under investigation. "Apparently someone has been leaking classified information to a criminal syndicate," he tells Jake. View original Exclusive Brooklyn Nine-Nine Sneak Peek:
Video: A Downton Abbey-palooza on Disney's Doc McStuffins – Five popular players from the powerhouse PBS serial Downton Abbey will lend their voices to the Disney Channel animated hit Doc McStuffins - ever so politely, of course. The plot has Doc and her toys time-warping back to 19th century England where they meet the young Florence Nightingale (Frogatt) and help her realize her dream of becoming a nurse.
Which Stars Will Be at the Hollywood Film Awards? – Queen Latifah will host the Hollywood Film Awards, which will be broadcast live on CBS on Nov. 14, and the guest list is pretty stacked. Celebrities who are scheduled to appear include Ben Affleck, Robert Downey Jr., Amy Adams, Kristen Stewart, Benedict Cumberbatch, Channing Tatum, Chris Pratt and Reese Witherspoon, the network announced Thursday.
Ricki Lake Files for Divorce – Ricki Lake has filed for divorce from her husband of two years, Christian Evans, People reports. Fall TV Popularity Contest: The couple began dating in 2010 and announced their engagement in August 2011. View original Ricki Lake Files for Divorce at
San Francisco Giants Win World Series – The San Francisco Giants beat the Kansas City Royals 3-2 in Game 7 of the World Series Wednesday night to win their third championship in five years. The Royals brought the tying run to third base in the ninth inning, but Salvador Perez popped out in the infield for the final out. Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner, who tossed five innings Wednesday night just three days after pitching a complete game, was named the MVP of the Series.

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