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Television News from the New York Times

Review: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Creates a Chilling Man’s World – This new Hulu show is based on the 1985 Margaret Atwood dystopian novel that feels scarily current.
Review: ‘Great News,’ Served Up by a Dysfunctional Crew – A new workplace sitcom, with Tina Fey as an executive producer, stars Andrea Martin and Briga Heelan as a mother and daughter in TV news. Mom’s the intern.
Critic's Notebook: ‘Fortitude,’ ‘Bosch,’ ‘Gomorrah’: TV Crime Never Sleeps – For those who like their mysteries snowy, sunny or operatically violent, new seasons have begun.
The Americans: ‘The Americans,’ Season 5, Episode 8: The Americanization of Elizabeth? – Bit by bit, Elizabeth the patriot is learning to cede space to Elizabeth the wife and mother.
‘The Bachelor’ Star Chris Soules Arrested After Deadly Crash – The authorities said Mr. Soules, who appeared in season 19 of the series, left the scene of a motor-vehicle accident where a death occurred.
A Red State’s Arts Blues – South Dakota, which voted decisively for Donald J. Trump, is also a prime recipient of grants from the arts agencies the president wants to eliminate.
Best of Late Night: Stephen Colbert to Trump: Thanks for a Great 100 Days – The “Late Show” host was grateful for the comedic fodder. “Thank you for your service, Mr. President,” he said.
What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘Genius’ and ‘Great News’ – “Genius” traverses Einstein’s brilliant mind and lusty pursuits. And “Great News,” with “30 Rock” in its DNA, navigates a relationship.

Television News from the Seattle PI

Jane the Virgin Mega Buzz: Could Jane and Rafael Get Back Together? – "Right now, everybody is kind of in a nice equilibrium - Jane and Petra and Rafael -- and once Rafael starts to have feelings for Petra, that does change the dynamic between all of them," Jane creator Jennie Snyder Urman tells us. Is Jane just worried that Petra will ruin Rafael's peacekeeper abilities in their trio or is she falling for her ex again?
Blindspot's Creator Teases Huge Episode for Jeller Fans – What was in those barrels that Shepherd picked up at the end of the last episode? How much of Phase 2 will we see in these final episodes? I've always said we make these seasons like they're books in a series of novels you really like, so each season has a really great beginning, middle and end. Very organically over the course of Season 2 we've been repairing that relationship, because they obviously have an undeniable chemistry and attraction to each other. [...] while we're waiting for them to kiss, what will they really be doing in this episode? Basically the creators of a Wikileaks-type organization have decided to give the secrets of businesses on the open market to the person who can run this kind of gauntlet of puzzles and cryptic codes. [...] did we really say goodbye forever to Nas in the last episode?
Pretty Little Liars: A.D. Recruits Emily to the Dark Side First – After lobbing Spencer (Troian Bellisario) a softball and sending her to go have a needed conversation with Toby (Keegan Allen) in the final season premiere, A.D. upped the ante in Tuesday's episode by hatcheting Emily's (Shay Mitchell) sweet nature to pieces. The Liar attempted to play by the rules at first, but when she got the suspicion that Addison was working with Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok), all it took was one text from A.D. to make Emily go postal on the teenage brat. Emily tried to return the blackmailing favor to Addison courtesy of a video delivered by A.D., but luckily Paige (Lindsey Shaw) had already put a plan in motion to give Addison a taste of her own medicine and saved Emily from getting her hands too dirty. While Emily might have been saved from making a potential career ending mistake, the hour proved just how skilled A.D. is at manipulating the Liars into doing the stalker's bidding.
Prison Break: Who Is Poseidon? – [...] the biggest clue to Poseidon's identity came at the very end of the episode when T-Bag tracked the hitmen to a meeting with a mystery man, who turned out to be... Normally, four episodes in would be too early to reveal such a mystery villain, but remember, Prison Break's fifth season is only nine episodes long.
Lena Dunham Reveals Which Girls Cast Member Had a "Powerfully Odd" Audition – During a "Tribeca Talks" discussion in New York City on Tuesday, as part of the Tribeca Film Festival, Girls creator and star Lena Dunham recalled Driver's audition for the show and the impression it left on her. After landing the part of Hannah Horvath's (Dunham) love interest Adam on the show, Driver was cast as villain Kylo Ren in 2015's Star Wars: When it was pointed out that Hannah's romantic partners on the show included a number of handsome actors like Jake Lacy, Patrick Wilson and Driver, Dunham noted: "I've never, ever felt like I didn't look 'correct' next to those people."
Suits Casts Psych Alum Dulé Hill – Psych alum Dulé Hill is coming back to USA Network to join Suits, the network announced Tuesday. Hill, momentarily wearing a "Will act for money" sign after CBS said "Dismissed!" to its legal drama Doubt, will have a season-long arc on Suits in Season 7.
Here Are the Season Finale Dates for All Your Favorite ABC Shows – 8:30/7:30c Dancing with the Stars Other Links From American Crimeblack-ishDancing with the StarsGrey's AnatomyQuanticoScandalThe GoldbergsModern FamilySpeechlessDesignated Survivor
Famous in Love: Who Killed [Spoiler]? – Spoilers for Famous in Love's season finale below. "It's going to be somebody who you would never look at and think that they did it," the actress guessed. [...] while Georgie Flores pointed the finger at Jordan as a possible subject -- he did have a lot to lose if Barrett were to expose all the dirt he had on him --

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